I have created a 22 page workbook to support you in this challenging time.

With a combination of insight, experience and motivational words, along with powerful questions, I have created this space to take you on a journey to clarify your needs, explore what is in your control, how to get your needs met and feel empowered in doing so.

I didn't just wake up one day and want to be a Mental Wellbeing Coach. My whole life has led me here.

On my journey I have realised some things that make all the difference to how you feel in daily life.

To hear me discuss some of the topic from the workbook click here.


Valuing yourself as much as you value others is a journey you have the power to make.


Change is inevitable. Becoming aware of the changes we want to make in our own life is empowering and freeing.


There is a lot we have to accept at times but we always have choices.