Therapeutic Talking

Do you need a minute to catch your breath?

Do you need a safe place to digest all that is going on in your head?

The noise of the world and your life is making it hard to think.

The constant going is making your body feel as depleted as the space in your head.

The treadmill that is your life seems to be stuck on high speed. You can't shake the feeling that you just want to press pause for a moment so you can catch your breath and take a moment to think clearly.


During Therapeutic Talking a gentle space is held for you to take this time and focus on yourself. 

The space can be used to work through your thoughts and feelings. This space is for you to be seen and heard and for your needs to be given some time. 


The aim is that you leave the session calmer, with more clarity and insight.


Taking time for yourself is not always easy to do.  I could recite a list of excuses you probably use to tell yourself it's just not possible right now, but it actually is possible. That is your choice and it always is worthwhile. 

You matter!

You matter in your life, you matter to your loved ones and most importantly you need to remember that you matter to yourself. 

In Therapeutic talking sessions Cognitive Behavioural therapy style of listening and exploration is used to help you become aware of unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns. These thinking and behavioural patterns can be leaving you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and blinded to how things can be changed for the better. 

This exploration is done slowly and gently with the awareness that this space is for you to catch your breath and release your feelings.

If you want, together we can develop a new mindset and responses to target, challenge and change these patterns so you can break free and move forward with healthier responses and coping mechanisms.


The focus is always :

  • On you

  • How you feel right now

  • What space you want to get to before leaving the session.

After the session you will :

  • Feel lighter

  • Feel truly listened to

  • Gain greater clarity & understanding

  • See your path forward

  • Feel gratitude for giving yourself this time

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What clients say

"In our sessions together I was able to break through some of the mindset struggles that have been causing me to feel overwhelmed and stuck. Every day I was feeling restful and grumpy. I needed a break but saw no way to get one. Then I booked in for a session  and  was able to find clarity in my situation and take the next step forward feeling lighter and more able. I walked away from the session feeling heard, understood, empowered, confident I could manage all that is going on in my life right now."

Sarah - 39

"I got in touch with Louise following a change of work situation. The session was really helpful. Louise asked insightful questions and it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and review with fresh eyes. It was great to look at life from another perspective and in a confidential manner. Louise put me at ease right away and made the experience very comfortable. Would recommend for sure!"

anonymous - 38