"Thank you kindly for such an inspiring coaching session. You made me think more about my life choices. Do I really appreciate what I have and do I use it wisely?
In a very kind way you reminded me what was most important in my life, my family and myself.

You inspired me to calm down and plan my time better, as yourself you are calm and just make me believe that everything is possible.

I have started to go to gym in my lunch time and I have put in my calendar a study schedule plan.

I would highly recommend to everyone to sit down with you and with your help start to better understand themselves. Thank you Louise."

Jane - 34 - 1st Session

Sometimes it is difficult to see exactly where you are going in life.

It helps when you can step back and look at the decisions you are taking and how they can impact on your professional and personal life. It helps more when you can discuss these decisions in confidence with someone who can help you see patterns of behaviour that are damaging ,can offer insights into why they are happening, and how to avoid them in the future. It certainly helped me.

I found the sessions challenging but enjoyable and I discovered a lot about myself, and I now have achievable goals and the tools necessary to achieve them.  Since beginning the sessions I have been promoted at work, and have managed to get through some seriously stressful situations relatively unscathed. Additionally I am a lot more confident when dealing with other people.

I have no hesitation in recommending Louise, if you get half as much out of the experience as I did you will recommend her as well.

John - 45 - 5 Sessions

Louise is an amazing coach. Her warm, uplifting, positve personality puts you at ease the moment you meet her. Louise is a practical, realistic, understanding person with deep empathy and willingness to listen and understand.

In our sessions together I was able to break through some of the irrational beliefs that were holding me back. I was able to find clarity in my situation and make steps towards my goals. I loved working with Louise, in every session I walked away feeling heard, understood, super-empowered, confident in my journey and excited for what is ahead.

SB - 36 - 4 Sessions 

"I got in touch with Louise following a change of work situation. The session was really helpful. Louise asked insightful questions and it gave me the opportunity to take a step back and review with fresh eyes. It was great to look at life from another perspective and in a confidential manner. Louise put me at ease right away and made the experience very comfortable. Would recommend for sure!"

Female - 38 -  1st Session

My life and future have changed since my sessions with Louise. I feel lighter, more focused and sure of my future.

Stephen - 40 - 6 Sessions 

Working with Louise was amazing! She was so personable and friendly. I felt instantly comfortable chatting to her and setting my goals. 

Nicola - 35 - 1 Session

It was lovely meeting you Louise! Your such a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the session, youv really got me thinking. 

Message from LS after our 1st Session - Ongoing Client 

"I came here today feeling so stuck and lost and now I am leaving feeling like where I am is actually an opportunity for a fresh start."

Comment from DF at the end of our 1st Session - Ongoing Client