Therapeutic Talk

During Therapeutic Talking a gentle space is held for you to work through your thoughts and feelings. The aim is that you leave the session calmer, with more clarity and insight. 

Taking time for yourself and your wellbeing during this challenging time is the best gift you can give yourself, and those around you.

Currently at a discount rate of €50 per hour

Coaching Services

I work with clients who want to make a change in their internal or external world. In the partnership of coaching a safe space is created where clarity, understanding, awareness, guidance are shared.  A clear action plan is created of manageable size steps forward 

You can achieve anything you want with the right support. 

Please get in touch to discuss further.


I have created a 22 page Self Care in Lockdown workbook to help support you in this challenging time.

With a combination of insight, experience and motivational words along with powerful questions for you to answer I have created this space for you to clarify your needs and explore how to get them met.