You have landed here because you want to change how you feel within your current lifestyle.

You have been struggling for a while and have tried different ways to make things feel better.

You want to find balance in your life so you can do everything you want, without feeling overwhelmed or drained.

Is your brain telling you that you need to accept things as they are and you should just make the best of it.

I know that you would not be here if you truly believe that. The part of you that leads you here is enough for us to start building all you want from life.

Feelings, lifestyle and dreams can all be achieved

with the tiny spark of belief that lives in you.


We hear the word sustainable in relation to how we live in this world so as not to destroy its beauty and vitality. Have you considered if the lifestyle you are living is sustainable in the long term for your happiness, health and mental wellbeing? 

This is for you if :


  • You're feeling disconnected from your life.

  • You're ready to make a big change and you don't want to do it alone.

  • You want personalised support and plan of actions instead of vague one-size-fits-all guidance.

  • You want to carve out space to focus on you, and the life you want to create in your future

  • You're ready to invest in bridging the gap between where you are now and where you really want to be.

Are you ready ?

To feel excited and free

For things to feel clear and easier

To feel love, compassion and gratitude for yourself

To move into your supportive and fulfilling future

To feel joy and serenity

To create inner peace and a positive relationship within you

For clarity, support and understanding

To step out of your current situation

What if all you have been trying so far has just been draining you and leaving you feeling like this is just how life will be for you?


This is simply not true!! 

I know this because I have had my own version of your struggle!


I have live, struggled with, survived with depression for 27 years now

On top of that I've lived with diabetes for 20 years and 3 years ago I got Chronic fatigue Syndrome and once again rebuilt my life, body and spirit. 

What I've learned is I am unstoppable. I put that down to my relationship with myself and the lifestyle I have been creating along the way which acknowledges and supports who and how I am.


How have I done this you ask? 

That is something that I bring to my session with my clients. Not the answers, as my right answers are not your right answers but my method of thinking, planning will help you find your right answers. My commitment, support, belief and confidence in you will help you create the motivation, determination and belief in yourself. 

I love working with clients who want to make real change to how they live.

This is YOUR life. You can have it all. It takes no more courage, endurance or work to have the life you want, than it does to get by in a life that is overstretching and draining you.

What it takes is clarity, insight and support. All of which you get when you work with me.

Working together you will achieve!

I guarantee you will feel a difference after just one session.

Working with me you will :

  • Gather tools, vision and confidence to carry forward with you.

  • Learn how to develop strategies to keep creating and achieving your goals long after our time together

  • Develop your intuition and inner voice so you will again never doubt who you are and what you want.


What we focus on :

How you feel in your life and sef right now.

What you want to achieve in your life. 

What you want your daily life to feel like.

Creating your realistic plan of action.

Getting you ready to move past fear.

Your strengths, your needs, your wants and your voice.

I commit to :

 -   Really hearing and Seeing you for who you are 

      now and where you want to be

 -   Sharing insights to help you gain more clarity 

 -   Challenge your doubt 

 -   Change mindset blocks  that have been holding

      you down

 -   Being honest but considerate

 -   Holding belief in you until are ready to hold it for


What is required from you :

 -    Courage 

 -    Commitment 

 -    Tme 

 -    Effort

 -    Trust in yourself 

 -    Trust in me

 -    Trust my belief in you

With you Package  -  €779*

  • 6 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions via Zoom or Skype over 3 - 6 months, depending on the pace you want to go at.

  • By the end of each coaching session you will have set yourself intentions and action steps to keep yourself moving forward until our next session.

  • I will suggest “Thinking Homework”  to help you progress through your challenges and change your mindset. 

  • After each session I will send you the notes, and recording (if you agree to it being recorded) of our session.

  • Gift : One of my workbooks


By your side Package  -  €1559*

  • 10 x 60 minute Coaching Sessions via Zoom or Skype over 8 - 12 months, depending the pace you want to go at

  • By the end of each coaching session you will have set yourself intentions and action steps to keep yourself moving forward until our next session.

  • I will suggest “Thinking Homework”  to help you progress through your challenges and change your mindset. 

  • You will be given access to record our session, if you wish, and i will send up

  • Additional support : via email for 12 months

  • Gift : A workbook created specifically for your needs

Maybe you have only recently hit a hurdle in your path and would like some support in navigating it so its impact is minimal and short lived.

Maybe you know your goal but as yet cant see the path to achieving it? 

Do you achieve more when you have someone who holds you accountable to achieving the steps you commit to each week or month?

Do you want to brainstorm an idea, grow in your clarity and connection to it, and explore the best steps to making it possible?


A giant step forward -  60 minute session €139      90 minute session €199

A lot can be achieved in a single session. In one session your goals can be discovered or clarified or you may discover some insights and blind spots that have been holding you back in life.


One session leaves you with the work to do alone. If you want support and continued learning on your journey I would recommend purchasing a block below which comes at a discounted rate.


*If after one session you want to invest in a coaching package at this price, time can be deducted from your package so you don't miss out on any savings.


Create you  -  € Various

If my suggested packages don't sound like what you need then get in touch and we can talk through your needs, wants and budget, then create a package just for you.

Are you ready to step out of your current situation?

Are you ready to go to bed having enjoyed your day and excited for tomorrow?

Are you ready to have more control over your mind and life?

Are you ready to be consciously choosing your lifestyle?

Are you ready for a future of your choice and creation?

Are you ready to feel capable and forward moving?

* I only take on a small number of clients each year on these packages to give each client the attention, time  and support they need and deserve.