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The Journey Book

Embrace your most vibrant life with Ease & Balance

Joy and abundance are your birthright. Deep down, you know this to be true. Although you’ve been living in struggle and depletion, you are ready to take action towards a life of vitality and pleasure. Living a life of joy doesn’t mean whizzing at an unsustainable pace or ticking off a long list of goals.


Discover what living your most vibrant life would look like. A life where you are clear on what is truly important to you. Where you know that directing your energy towards self-care is an investment in your long-term happiness. Where you feel hopeful and capable of withstanding life’s storms.

Through The Journey Book, you’ll dig deep into what your dream life really looks like and get tips and suggestions for taking actionable steps towards that life.

The first step on your journey is


Right Here

How it works :

  • I create the first ​few pages of your bespoke, interactive Journey Book with questions composed to specifically help you explore the areas you have identified.

  • You and I will both have access to your Journey Book explorations. Once a week I will read your answers and from there create more pages of your Journey Book to help you explore deeper and find clarity, motivation and solutions.

​The Exploration Journey Book gives you the time and space to work at your own pace and work with me anonymously, if you wish.

The interactive part allows you to be encouraged and supported by me on your journey.

Kind words from clients :

I'm really grateful for the support the workbook and you have given me. [The Journey Book] really encourages more depth of discovery and provides practical tools that can be applied to help. The product by itself is a fantastic tool - but having the opportunity to work with someone and be guided through it is what really makes this so much more valuable and transformative, in my opinion. 

Female, 37

"I want to thank you so much for this. I feel it’s really helping me look at and explore my life.  Because of the work we have done so far in my Journey book  I feel I can now see my path forward and I am excited to start taking steps towards what I want to do with my life."​

Female – 40

“By the end of my Journey Book I had gained insight and felt empowered to make necessary changes to my life.”

Male - 32

See your path forward, feel heard and have support on your journey.

What’s included:

  • 6 beautiful, interactive pdf workbooks tailored to you and your individual journey.

  • Weekly reviews and support during your exploration.

  • Parting wisdom featuring guidance and action steps for your path forward.