How to change your default mindset with

Gratitude Practise

Gratitude practise creates a positive response in your body and mind. It teaches you to take a moment and acknowledge all the good you already have in your life. We are so busy trying to achieve more that we forget to stop and celebrate what we already have. 


Take a moment right now and think of 3 things you are grateful for in your day.


Every time you stop and give time to thinking in this way you are retraining your brain on how it sees your life and the world.

Conscious effort in changing our thinking makes way for change in our subconscious mind.


Stop and think of 3 things that brought you the feeling of Joy today. 

I use joy rather than gratitude when my depression is bad as it feels more important for me to be aware of the nice moments in my darker days. They are often tiny things but being consistent in this practise when I'm down eventually makes a positive improvement to my mood and level of hope.  



Think of 3 things you are grateful for that you brought to your life.

And 3 things that brought Joy to your life that you created in your life.


Gratitude practise is beneficial but Gratitude where you acknowledge your part in its existence in your life is even more powerful. 


This practise will train you  to :

  • Feel More Positive emotions

  • Have Gratitude for yourself

  • Changes how you perceive things 

  • Become proud of who you are

  • A deeper and kinder relationship with yourself  


Doing this once will benefit your mood in that moment, but practicing it regularly will change your mindset and how you feel in yourself and see your life. 

Now most of the time I do my gratitude practise, who I am or my relationship with myself is often comes up.

My awareness of my self love has grown through mindfulness and gratitude practices. My Self love has grown from my acknowledgement of all that I love and appreciate about myself and the lifestyle I have created for myself to live in. 


In saying that try not to pick the same Gratitude each time. You may feel gratitude for the same thing repeatedly but try and choose new things or be very specific, in a different ways, about the recurring topic so your understanding of it expands.  

It will evolve your practise.

Don't forget you can share your Gratitude practise with those you love. 

A lovely routine to start with the children in your life is to ask them “what was your favourite part of today?”. 

You will be amazed by their answers!

Don't forget to ask yourself the same question and your loved ones.


I have created a morning and evening journal prompts for you. Pick one or a few and answer them honestly with a focus on gratitude, positivity and self kindness.

You get to choose how often you practise. If the thoughts of doing it daily makes you not want to do it then consider starting off one day a month or week. Set yourself a reminder, otherwise you will forget.


This is worth the little effort, I promise you.

Over time it will change you the wiring of your brain and its default thinking pattern.

Remember you never have to be alone on your journey 

Louise x

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