Freedom Package 

You didn't just stumble across this page.

You got here because you want to make a change in your life.

You have been struggling for such a long time and are so tired of trying, and trying, and it is not making any real change to how life feels.


You are trying to do all the things you believe you are  meant to, work, socialse, saving for my future and buying the things they say should make you feel better now.  You blame yourself when it doesn't make you feel happier.


You feel ungrateful because you're told you have so much you should be thankful  Yet you're still struggling.

You tell yourself you should be able to snap out of these feelings. You feel weak for not being able to enjoy all you have in your life.


You try to find the right exercise regime, try to improve your eating habits, try different routines to create good feelings.


Do you believe you are somehow failing at these things and that is why you are sad or down?

Do you blame yourself for not being a better human and being able to shake off these negative feelings?


You want to feel happiness. You're not asking for it every day, you don't want to be greedy but once in a while It would be wonderful! If it could be followed by periods of feeling o.k that would be amazing!

You would even take the periods of o.k if happiness is too much to ask for. You'll take anything, try anything to shift these feelings.​

“What is the life equation to get to feeling o.k?" 


"How much exercise + How many vegetables + how many hours a week work will + how many gratitude lists = feeling o.k for a while?"

 I hear you ask

And then your head starts again “I'd probably still fail at it  because I do the hours at work but i'm pretty sure im shit at my job. No one has told me yet but I know it. They probably feel sorry for me and are too embarrassed for me to say it. 

Why can't I feel normal so people don't have to pity me and I can be happy like everyone else.”

Do you want to break this cycle?

Do you want to break this tiring thought pattern?

My way out of the darkness was in Clarifying what I wanted from my life. I was then able to create an “end goal”, lifestyle vision, that became my guiding light. 

I've still not achieved all of my vision and goal but that is not the win. The win is who you turn into on the journey there. 

There is no failure or success there is just doing and not doing.

Every day do things for you

Every day do things to take you closer to your end goal and vision

Every day celebrate what you have got just now


What you shouldn't focus on is what you have not achieved yet !

What you weren't able to do !

You get to choose what you put your energy in and what thoughts you engage with.

I help my clients work on their internal dialogue to use their thoughts to encourage themselves.

To accept who they are each day and celebrate what they did manage to do.

All the small achievements are wins too. Each day you win.

You got yourself this far. Do not allow anyone to pass it off as luck or chance, not even yourself!

You have endured and survived all of the hard times. You nourished myself until in hope of blooming.


Own this because when you get further down your journey it will be because of you. 

The courage you show in taking this step. The choice you made to invest in yourself . 

The work you will do, with my support, on this journey.

You are about to invest in yourself, now and in your future.. 

I can't do the work for you or go on your journey for you and come back with the rewards to give to you.

What I can do is :

  • help you start their journey 

  • help you explore, gain clarity and awareness.

  • point out what could be causing you from moving forward

  • help you see a path forward

  • Support you in taking steps forward

  • I will work deeply with you on changing their inner voice, which in turn this changes how they see the world and themselves.

Get in touch and we will create a package specific to how you want to work together and what you want to achieve.

Services to create your perfect package:

You don't have to be alone on your journey.

You don't have to be alone during hard times. 

You never need to feel alone with your feelings and fears. 

I help you overcome the fears, self doubt and all the beliefs and habits that have been holding you back. With the support of our sessions you will decide and action steps to take you forward in creating the life you truly want.