Creating moments, for you, in your day

using your breath


Are you breathing properly? 

Did you know that some of us are everyday reverse breathers?

I was one and only realised in my 30’s when I joined a Crossfit gym and someone took the time to talk through correct breathing because bracing and breathing at the same time is key in staying safe when you exercise. 

Yes believe it or not I had been doing yoga on and off for years by then but in no class do I remember them taking the time to actually teach us correct breathing before going into a flow, or maybe it just never clicked properly for me.  I have to admit I find weightlifting much more mediation for my than yoga practise. Maybe its because I was a more peaceful person by the time I started CrossFit in my 30’s than I was when I started yoga in my late teens.

Reverse breathing is surprisingly common.

I don’t believe it is dangerous but it’s not ideal for your organs as they get compressed as you are breathing in.

Before we look at reverse breathing lets look at how to deep breathe correctly :



  • slowly through your nose 

  • Allowing your lungs to fill up 

  • Your abdomen to expand 

  • Keep inhaling

  • Allowing your chest to expand 



  • slowly through your nose 

  • Allowing your chest to release and fall

  • Allowing your abdomen to release and deflate

breathing image.jpg

How reverse breathers breathe.

Well simply, when they breathe in they compress their abdomen to the back of their spine, and when they breathe out they expand their abdomen and chest.

When you look at the image above and imagine shrinking your abdomen as you are taking in breath reduces the space your lungs have to expand and puts pressure on your abdomen.  All this means the relaxing of deep breathing cannot be achieved as you are mostly breathing into your chest.


Deep breaths are powerful.

We all do it naturally when we really need it because the benefits are clear to our body. Let’s make them clear for your mind.


  • Calms the body and mind : Decreases and tension and stress in the body by focusing our mind on nourishes each cell of our body with oxygenizes the body

  • Improves mood : deep breathing triggers the release of endorphins

  • Detoxifies the body by stimulating the lymphatic systems and eliminating by ridding it of carbon dioxide

  • Supports our immune system by carrying and absorbing nutrients and vitamins more efficiently

  • Improves the quality of blood by oxygenating it.

  • Improves heart and lung function

I want to help you incorporate more intentional focused breathing in your days so you can slowly carve out moments of peace in your day. Moments when you are simple you, checking in with yourself, caring for yourself. Join me in my relaxation 

Take a moment and breathe with me.

  • breathe in deeply (through your nose)

  • As you breathe out relax your shoulders

  • Breathe in 

  • As you breathe out relax your jaw

  • Breathe in 

  • As you breathe out the skin around your eyes

  • Breathe in 

  • As you breathe out relax any tensions in your forehead

  • Breathe in and breath out enjoying your moment of peace

You will always find reasons not to do breathwork, you will always find other things you should be doing with your time. I get it. I've been there, done that and I  have found the secret to making time.

My solution was to do my breathwork when I'm on the toilet, That's right I make use of my forced stops to focus on my breath and take those rest moments my mind and body need. 

Now its second nature and I get lots of opportunities to focus on my breathing thanks to my tiny bladder.


Let me know if you have any tips and tricks that work for you x