Couples Coaching 

Relationships are complex. Be it our relationship with ourselves or our relationship with a loved one.

Image juggling your relationship with yourself and a loved one,  if your have found this page then you don't need to imagine

You live wanting to have your desires to have all yours and their needs met.

At first there is no effort. It has its own momentum and creates momentum in you and your life. It feels like destiny, something you have always been waiting for but you were never sure was actually real or just some myth people talk of finding. 

But you found it, or it found you. Destiny happened, your dream came true!!

And then at some point normal life took back over.  In your want to build a life together you had to give some of time and energy away. Work demanded you attention back. Your money went to saving for the future. Fun turned to planning and action.

Somewhere along the way you got tired and a little lost. Maybe you lost yourself or maybe it was the desire for the vision you had created for your future. You want to get back to how it was but can't seem to get there.

Have you lost yourself in all the doing?

Has creating your future together begun to feel like a chore?

Do you want to find that spark you used to have?

I don't believe in just sitting down with a couple and coaching.

It is essential that each person be given a private space to talk freely. To be able to share where they are just now, and what they hope from the future.

We then can come together as a group and start working as a team. 

My role in coaching with a couple is to make sure space is created for both people to be heard by each other and the relationship.

I ensure no relationship dynamic will stop anyone's needs and want being given attention, exploration and treated with respect.

This package consists of :

  • 2 1-1 sessions with each person - 60mins pers session

  • 2 sessions with the couple - 60 mins per session

  • 1-1 check in session with each person - 30 mins per session

  • 1 session with couple - 60 mins session

Investment of €959 per couple