Choosing and Creating your Life

Do you ever stop to look at your life and ask yourself, is this what I wanted? Is this still what I want? Was this how I expected to feel in my day to day life.


I'm always surprised at how often people don't stop and assess their life, how it makes them feel, how sustainable it feels. 


I often work with busy mums going from morning to night. They will be the first to tell me that they don't have time to stop, let alone think of themselves.

Their conscience tortures them when they think about taking time for themselves or spending money on themselves.


In this life, we can all find people and things that are more important or more in need of our attention/time/energy than us, but that's a lie we tell ourselves, a lie that we sit more comfortably uncomfortable in than having to stop and assess how we are feeling or what our needs are. Why, because we have been raised to value others before ourselves, to create a hierarchy of value within our families, our workplace and our lives. Because we weren't raised to know that we are each responsible for our own happiness and needs so we give to others in hope we fill someone else's happiness or needs, only then do we feel like we are earning our right to live. Its an exhausting carousel to be on.

I have worked with mum’s, mammy’s, mothers and within 2 coaching sessions their life has been changed (their words) because they have been changed. By taking time to focus on themselves, something that never comes easy in the session but my clients are my focus, their freedom, their joy,  their needs and want,  so I will always keep bringing the conversation back to them. Who are they, what do they want, what do they need, how do they live now, what would better look like, what would more feel like?


You don't have to be a busy mum to gain from a coaching session. I specialise in working with people who want to /or need to live differently, due to long term illness, both physical illness or like me, want to live differently from the majority of society.

Ultimately I help my clients gain clarity. While they talk and all the jumble in their mind gets realised I am there to catch what their true needs and wants are. I am there to give space to explore the "what if" and "if I could" only". I'm there to hear them, support them, sit with them in all their emotions. Together we make change happen for them. Small changes that add up to life changing differences, to greater joy and contentment.

When did you last stop and think about your life? How is it working for you? What takes too much? What do you cherish the most?


I have created a short workbook to do just that. Our lives have changed so much over the last year. Life before covid restrictions seems so long ago but as lockdown starts to come to an end and vaccines roll out speeds up it means our life can incorporate more of the old. This is the perfect time to sit and reflect, explore and make choices about what you want your life to be as the world starts to open up to us again.


Get yourself a cuppa, find a quiet spot and choose your post covid life.

If you enjoy workbooks you will LOVE the Journey Book. It's an interactive, personalised workbook that brings you on a journey of exploration over 6 weeks.