The other morning I got up and embraced the day, after being bed ridden for 2 days.

I decided I wanted to walk the paddocks to see how they have changed after 2 days of heavy rain.


I took Cali (the dog) with me. When I left the house I saw one of the chickens out that had not been out of the hen house in weeks. I went over to say hello to her and spotted two little black moving fluff balls. 

She had chicks!!!!!!

If I know you, can you still Coach me?

What a start to my walk. After running around screaming with excitement notifying all the Airbnb guests and my housemates, Cali and I set off on our walk. I didn't get far before the donkeys stopped me and asked for a cuddle. One was feeling particularly cuddly so I was there for 15 minutes with her neck wrapped around my waist while I stroked her cheek. 



Cali finally got all my attention but she didn't need it for long. After throwing some sticks for her she fell in love with one and decided to carry it proudly the rest of the walk.

The rain is kissing our skin as we reach “the beach” (the stony patch by the river). I took off my wellies to feel the water on my toes and before I knew it was knee deep and remembered I had my clothes on and no towel, so out I came.


What do you think i did next?


You know it. I stripped to my pants, used my bra to tie up my hair and walked in till I was neck deep. The nipples were free.

It was colder than it has been but as pleasing and freeing as always. Or more so given I had my body out freer than normal.

The rain fell heavier, Cali barked louder and then finally came and joined me, her stick safely left ashore.


Within the 2 days I'd been indoors everything was greener and taller. It amazes me how much the land changes. I've only been here 3 months and each day It looks different.

Why as humans do we feel the need to keep days similar when change and growth is our natural state?


We are taught that a routine is good for us and will keep us progressing, on track and mentally and physically well. 

I struggle with routine, the weekly symmetry, the daily repetition. It all makes me feel like I'm going crazy, Living an unnatural state of being. 

I've tried living the 9-5, monday to friday life and now i'm trying the life i've always quietly dreamed of.