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Your guide through uncharted lands

Pushing aside the undergrowth to show the beauty that is unseen

I’m a Qualified Mental Wellbeing Coach and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner with a passion for slow living and forests, the positive impact getting out in nature can have on our inner wilderness and taking the path lesser trodden. I help people who are struggling with mental illness, chronic illness, and the feeling of being trapped in someone else’s life, to find balance, fulfilment, freedom, ease, simplicity and harmony. 

In my dream world everyone, especially those who have felt like life has been a struggle for a long time, would experience kindness, acceptance and empowerment. It’s time you felt safe in taking up space and sharing your truth. It’s time to share your love, goodness and kindness. It’s time for you to grow strong, courageous and free.

I’m here for a reason…and you are too.

I do this work because it matters deeply to me that no one feels alone or loses themselves when they hit an obstacle on their life’s journey. I've lived with severe depression since I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with Diabetes at 18, had a mental breakdown at 26 and then was hit by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at 35, to top all that. I have a lot of lived experience to draw from when it comes to supporting others who are facing long term struggle. 

You are not broken or “meant” for a life of ordinary. You are whole and you are exquisite.

I learned from my own experience that every struggle and heartbreak is an opportunity for growth and has a gift to bring us. I’ve transformed my own struggles with mental illness, chronic illness and living out of alignment into a mission to lead others into their own “abundant forest of gratitude”.

You might say I’m a bit like sunlight bursting in through the trees amongst a dark and tangled ancient woodland. It’s my personal mission to make a return to the forest too. My plan is to buy a plot of land where I can fully embody the qualities that are most supportive for those of us with long term challenges; simplicity, gentleness, consistency and gratitude. I share snippets of this journey on my blog <LINK> and Instagram <LINK>.

There absolutely is another way to live. Are you ready to dive into what that means for you?

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