Hello, I'm Louise, 

A Qualified Mental Wellbeing Coach


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner. 

Are you tired of trying and not getting to the outcome you want?

Are you ready to invest in you, your happiness

Are you ready to decide what you want from this life and then create it?


I am committed to working with people who want to explore and clarify what they want from their life, and why they want it. 


The WHY creates a clear vision and commitment to the journey ahead to achieving it.

The WHAT will reveal your action steps to take you forward.


We are all at different starting points, we all have different comfort zones. I will meet you where you are and be by your side as long as you want on your journey. 


To start your journey simply select which of my service feels best for you just now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mental Wellbeing Coaching?

Mental Wellbeing coaching is similar to life coaching in that we look at all areas of your life, but the focus is on you. How you feel in your life and in yourself. 

I help you overcome the fears, self doubt and all the beliefs and habits that have been holding you back. With the support of our sessions you will decide and action steps to take you forward in creating the life you truly want. 

How do i know coaching is right for me?

I offer a free Discovery call.  I can introduce you to Coaching and how I work.  It is a great opportunity to see if I feel like the right person for you to work with.

If coaching is not for your right now I offer a therapeutic talking service.

During Therapeutic Talking a gentle space is held for you to take this time to focus on yourself, work through your thoughts and feelings.

What my clients say

My life and future have changed since my sessions with Louise. I feel lighter, more focused and sure of my future.

Stephen - 40 - 6 Sessions

It was lovely meeting you Louise! Your such a breath of fresh air. Thanks for the session, you have really got me thinking.

Leona - After 1st Session

You inspired me to calm down and plan my time better, as you yourself are calm and just make me believe that everything is possible.
I would highly recommend to everyone to sit down with you and with your help start to better understand themselves. Thank you Louise.

Jane - 35 - After 1st Session

Services & Packages

I offer One to One Coaching. Single sessions and suggested packages. If you would like to create a custom package for yourself get in touch and we can talk through your needs, wants and budget, then create a package just for you.

Therapeutic Talking where a gentle space is held for you to take this time and focus on yourself. The aim of each session is to ease your mind and emotions, and rejuvenating you.